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Maria ♥ Florida
Started off as a fitblr and continued on into personal and random things. I post in no specific order or theme, so enjoy the mess.


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Day two of being on antibiotics for strep throat. I’m feeling so much better. It doesn’t hurt anymore to swallow.

Sadly this means I will be returning to work tomorrow :(

Spending my Easter with strep throat.
On the upside, no work tomorrow. 😊

Happy Easter ❤️

I’m having a great hair day today 💁😊

I’m having a great hair day today 💁😊

So I’m happy to say I was offered the accounting position I had applied for at my company! I’m so happy, relieved, excited! My current job is so stressful but I did learn a lot. I’m just happy to be starting something new. 😊

Coming home after a long day of work and night class…to just lie on my bed and be on tumblr is one of my favorite parts of the day ❤️

That feeling after you’ve prepped your meals for the week.

Tired, yet satisfied. 😏

So I just applied for an accounting position that opened up in my company

Omg I hope I get it! 😁😁

I will never get why people are the way they are

If you asked me out yesterday, we talked this morning and you said you would call me with plans…and haven’t done so, why the fuck bother asking in the first place??? No fucking logic here.

And my bullshit tolerance this year has plummeted to zero.

I’ve already cut a few dumbasses out of my life, I won’t hesitate to do the same with you.

Blocked. And moving on here… 👌