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Started off as a fitblr and continued on into personal and random things. I post in no specific order or theme, so enjoy the mess.


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Just for the record

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence.

It’s the date the Battle at Puebla took place where the French army of about 8,000 attacked a poorly equipped Mexican army of 4,500 and still they managed to kick the French’s ass.

Grandpa came to visit for 2 weeks from Mexico and is leaving

So naturally we throw him a going away party with the family, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be back in like 2 months lol. Any excuse to drink and eat I guess.

After, I’m going to try and get a leg workout in tonight at the gym because my social life is non existent. Not because I don’t have friends or shit to do. It’s just draining trying to fit in going out when my work, school and gym schedule is just hectic.

At least I did an hour of circuit training this morning.

Escuchando Camila -Dejarte De Amar

Mis sentimientos, todos mis sentimientos….ya quisiera olvidarte y dejarte de amar, porque ya no mereces mi amor. 

And on another note, Mexico is winning the Olympic finals in soccer against Brazil!

This day is going great so far!

What my Mom woke up to this morning!

Happy Mexican Mother’s Day! :)

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